Chance of the Dead


Zombies, Cheerleaders and Humor


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Chance of the Dead, created in the same style as the Classics of Lucas Arts, is a party for your eyes. In this adventure, you guide a cute young zombie who still has business to take care of in the living world.

The mechanics of this game are the same as those of “Las Adventuras de Los Noventa” (The Adventures of the Ninety). All the moves are made using the mouse and you have a supply of objects to achieve your goal which is to talk and resolve puzzles.

The best part of the game, which is very short, is its story. With a lot of humor it tells how Janet must make a cake and enter it into her city’s baking contest, so that she may rest in peace.

Chance of the Dead is an exciting adventure that is short and free. You should play it and enjoy for a while.
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